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Appliance Removal

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Appliance removal can be tricky. You know that you are not supposed to simply put them in the trash… but where should they go? As your local experts, you can trust Austin Junk Haulers to take the most sustainable measures to dispose of your appliances, recycling, repurposing, and re-using where possible. At a low cost and timings to suit your exact convenience. Save yourself the hassle of hours of research and then a drive to the right place by giving us a call and arranging a collection of your item! Able to deal with any size, condition, or item, get in touch today!

Large Appliance Removal

We include under the title of ‘large appliances’ items including washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, tumble dryers, and dishwashers. These are all items that are pretty difficult to dispose of yourself due to the size and the waste requirements of our local area. As your local experts in affordable junk removal, you can be assured that our role is to keep costs low and be as convenient as possible. With an array of vehicles and specialist equipment, we will have the item out of your property in the blink of an eye. Our expert team has years of experience and will save you the hassle, energy, and potential risk of damage, removing your item carefully and efficiently, ensuring a sustainable and correct way of getting rid of it too.

Small Appliance Removal

Smaller appliances can also be tricky to get rid of. They cannot simply be thrown in the trash, but instead, need to be taken to a specific location. Save yourself the hassle of figuring all of this out with a quick call to our customer service representative (the number is listed here on our website). For a cheap, simple process, your item will be out of the way in no time. Some of the items we include under ‘small appliances’ are toasters, kettles, and vacuum cleaners. We will be happy to help, even if you only need one or two items removing.

Convenience is the key!

Our goal is to provide absolute convenience to our clients. Whether you have a large fridge/freezer you want gone, or just a toaster, we are the team to help! We know that appliances can be a pain to deal with so offer a low-cost service to make our convenient service accessible to all. With appointments available to suit you, and a range of vehicles to pick up all sizes and weights, this service will ensure absolute ease.

What happens to it?

Wherever possible we get rid of your items sustainably. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly trash removal company, so endeavour to achieve recycled, repurposed, and reused purposes for your items and parts. We have a network of local businesses who benefit from this, able to take any parts or whole items that they wish. From elements of your washing machine to plugs from the kettle, our local businesses make use of it!

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